Shane McMahon made a huge return recently and now he’s set to face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32. If Shane wins he gets control of Monday Night Raw. But Vince mentioned that Shane has a lock box and Vince wants what’s inside. If Shane loses he’s going to have to give it up.

So what could be in that lock box to make Vince McMahon want it so badly? Let’s take a look at a few possible answers.


#7 – Shane McMahon’s Stake In The Company

Shane McMahon made it clear on Monday that his place in the company is secure. He told Stephanie that he never lost his place in line and that he wants control of Raw. Shane also seems to have some significant leverage over Vince.

If the contents of the lock box are revealed to be Shane’s shares of the company and Shane loses his match at WrestleMania, he’s out of the picture. WWE is the house of McMahon and obviously Vince is going to want to control as much of that house as he can.

But we’ve got a feeling that the lock box may contain something a little more controversial.


#6 – A Contract For A One On One Match With God

Vince McMahon is basically a god in the world of professional wrestling. And back at the 2006 Backlash pay-per-view Vince and his son Shane took on the team of Shawn Michaels and his partner, God. During the match God walked out, leaving his partner behind. In the end The McMahons were successful in beating their opponents.

The buildup for this match consisted of Vince McMahon talking a lot of trash to God. At the end of the day he’s 1-0 against God, but it was in a tag match. You know that deep down inside Vince McMahon still needs to prove to himself that he can take out his rival one on one. But the old urban legend goes that Vince can’t get God to agree to the match. That’s where Shane comes in.

It’s been rumored for years now that Shane is tight with God. The contents of the lock box may reveal a clue about a possible rematch. Vince McMahon isn’t getting any younger so he wants this rematch to happen sooner than later.


#5 – The Hardcore Title

Shane McMahon himself is a former Hardcore Champion. Is it possible that Shane has kept the title hidden? Could he be threatening to bring blood and violence back to Raw full time?

We all know how the referees react when a WWE Superstar starts bleeding on Monday Night Raw. Blood does happen from time to time, but for the most part they try their best to keep it to a minimum. Bringing the Hardcore Title back would increase the odds of blood being seen on Raw by a large margin.

No one has seen the title since it quietly disappeared in 2006. Could Shane McMahon have acquired it while he was working in the shadows these past few years? Could Shane be taunting Vince behind the scenes by threatening to bring the title back?


#4 – The Truth About Vince McMahon’s Illegitimate Son 

Come on man. We all know that Hornswoggle wasn’t originally planned to be revealed as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. But who was?

For a while there it seemed like it was going to be Mr. Kennedy but unfortunately plans got derailed. On the September 10, 2007 episode of Raw Mr. McMahon announced that he had suspended Kennedy for “impersonating a McMahon.” It was then revealed to be Hornswoggle.

After Hornswoggle was announced as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, it was later revealed that he was actually Finlay’s son. So in the end McMahon never did gain a son. Could Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son still be out there?

There are probably few people that know. But we’re willing to bet Shane McMahon is one of the few.


#3 – Vacant’s Iron Clad Contract

When Shane McMahon returned on Raw he mentioned that WWE had been plagued with a recent string of injuries. The WWE Superstars work hard and injuries happen. But for years now there’s been a conspiracy theory among fans that a member of the WWE roster is actually behind the injuries. You know who it is. We’re talking about Vacant.

For years now Vacant has been taking out WWE Superstars to claim title after title for himself with no repercussions. It seems that WWE is powerless to stop this ruthless champion. Looking at Vacant’s resume you have to wonder how a WWE Superstar can be so dominant.

There’s likely something more here that we’re not seeing. A bigger part of the picture. It’s likely that Vacant has an iron clad contract with the WWE and it’s likely that it was negotiated by Shane McMahon.

Think about it. John Cena is out. Randy Orton is out. Seth Rollins is out. The list goes on and on. If Vince McMahon can finally get his hands on Vacant’s contract, he could end his reign once and for all and get his happy, healthy roster back.


#2 – Vince McMahon’s Hearing Aid

It’s been a weird 10 years for WWE. Sometime shortly after John Cena got drafted to Raw in 2005 he started getting booed big time. This was weird because John Cena was supposed to be the company’s big face. But the crowd just kept booing him.

The booing has been going on for over a decade now but Vince McMahon still seems convinced that John Cena should be a good guy. The same scenario seems to be happening with Roman Reigns right now who’s been receiving his fair share of boos as of late.

Fans continue to voice their opinions on social media and boo during TV tapings and through all of this Vince McMahon has remained adamant that he’s a good listener. Could it be that Vince McMahon actually is a good listener? Could it be that Vince McMahon just can’t actually hear right now because he’s lost his hearing aid?

This would explain a lot of questionable booking decisions over the years. WWE prides themselves on being a company that listens, but Vince has had a hard time trying to listen over the past few years. Vince McMahon just wants his hearing aid back and that’s what this Shane McMahon thing is all about. Vince wants to be able to hear who the fans are cheering for so he can finally give the fans what they want.


#1 – John Cena

John Cena has been absent from WWE television for months now. He took time off in 2015 following Hell in a Cell to film his upcoming show “American Grit.” Then shortly after returning to TV in January he was injured and he’s been out ever since. But what if John Cena isn’t injured? What if Shane made some sort of deal with Vince that’s keeping Cena away from WWE?

Picture this. The Undertaker beats Shane at WrestleMania 32. Then a giant lock box gets wheeled onto the stage. Vince turns the key, opens the box and inside we see none other than… JOHN CENA!!!!! Doo, doo, doo, doo. Doo, doo, doo, doo.

At long last Vince and Cena are reunited. John Cena announces that Roman’s time is up and his time is now. He immediately gets a WWE Championship match against Roman Reigns. Which he wins. John Cena brings back the World Heavyweight Championship, the European Championship, the Hardcore Championship and the Light Heavyweight Championship.

Vince then announces a brand new event, the biggest event of all time called CenaMania. The event starts immediately following WrestleMania 32. Cena will defend all of the resurrected titles, but the fun doesn’t stop there because he will be challenging for all of the current belts as well. Cena goes on to defend, challenge and win every belt in the WWE.

The camera zooms in on Cena and Vince holding all of the titles in the ring. The camera fades to black and suddenly everything is right in the world. End show.