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Let’s face it AJ Lee is pretty much every wrestling fans fantasy come to life. She’s hot, she loves wrestling, comic books,  and she can kick your ass when it comes to videogames. What’s not to love about AJ Lee? As far as the total package goes…there really isn’t a more desirable woman in the business right now. With that Being said it’s time to drop your jaw and admire this gorgeous creation.


1. Nerd Power



The chances that any chick you know makes glasses look that sexy are pretty slim. To top it all off you know that look in her face means she’s up to no good.




2. Just Stretching



Hey AJ what are you doing there? Just stretching? Ok, keep up the good work.


3. Leopard Print



They say that there is a beast inside all of us but do you have what it takes to tame this dame?


4. Dat Ass



The cameraman was obviously having a tough time focusing on getting the rest of AJ Lee and we can’t blame him with a view like this. He did do a great job at showing off one of the best parts about her though.


5. 2 For The Price Of One



AJ and Kaitlyn might not be so friendly with each other nowadays but looking at a picture like this makes us long to see them together again.

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