While Raw and Smackdown were both pretty uneven this week, there were more than five hours of interesting wrestling podcasts to enjoy.

Four examples of that:

Keepin’ It 100 – The most recent episode of Keepin’ It 100 — episode number 27 — features the usual mix of wrestling, MMA, music, current events, and interviews. Konnan, Kevin Gill and The Disco Inferno are part of all the segments. Hurricane Helms makes his usual cameo. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is involved. Colt Cabana is interviewed; Konnan gets Chicago restaurant recommendations from Colt in addition to asking his opinion on A.J. Styles’ hair. Juventud Guerrero is on the line as he is almost every week. An old chat with Chris Jericho is also heard early into the episode. In turn, after listening to these two hours of content, you will feel like you have been entertained and also caught up on what’s really going on in a number of fields.

Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard – Episode 22 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard changes up the format of the show. Usually the subject of an episode of Something To Wrestle is voted on by the fans. In this edition — titled “#LoveToKnow” — Bruce answered a mix of listener questions, as chosen by co-host Conrad Thompson. Questions from all eras and subjects were answered. CM Punk, Hulk Hogan, Tom Magee, Owen Hart…nothing was off limits. The next edition of the podcast will reportedly be going back to the usual format, but any episode of Something To Wrestle is worth the two to three hour commitment.

The Art Of Wrestling – Speaking of Colt Cabana, the most recent episode — as posted today — is a chat with Ring Of Honor star Bobby Fish, which I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to yet. I’m sure it’s great, but the prior episode is titled “AOW 2016 Podcast Commentary” and is a must-listen. Last week’s edition features Colt looking back on all of his 2016 episodes. He told about how episodes came together, where they were recorded, why they may have taken so long to happen, and other factoids. It is a behind-the-scenes look at how the first major wrestling-related podcast gets made. And to Colt’s credit, there isn’t too much promotion of his new movie The Wrestling Road Diaries 3 in his 2016 summary.

Talk Is Jericho – Right before Christmas, Chris Jericho posted a new episode called “Power Of Music.” Jericho has been associated with music for almost as long as he has been one of wrestling’s top stars, given his role as lead singer of the world-touring band Fozzy. Some episodes of Talk Is Jericho are music-centric and this is one of them. Jericho sits down with WWE stars Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn in the midst of WWE’s recent European tour. The two talk entirely out of character about their musical journeys, from first concert and first rock star they met, to favorite artists and recent concerts. Jericho’s story about trying to meet Metallica’s James Hetfield in a Canadian hotel in the late 1980s alone is worth the listen.

Fortunately, these were only four of the great wrestling-related podcasts that came out within the past week and change, so rest assured that there will be plenty of exciting new content out there within the next few days.